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our client - LOGISTICS



The client cares about the size of load on its trailers and the correct flow of goods while the trailer trucking service provider organizes the transport on an independent and direct basis (without sub-contracting other carriers) so as to make sure that the goods arrive within a specified period of time at a specified place.

we are a part of the

international logistics sector


We are a stable and professional partner for logistics operators and international road transport forwarders, providing them with optimised transport solutions supporting the chain of supplies.



provide the services with quality and efficiency. This gives us and our clients a competitive advantage. We constantly improve our engineering processes, increase the efficiency of services and reduce the risk of potential failures.

Our team's experience and competencies which have been built over years allow us to deliver our services in an effective way and at the highest quality level.

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we consider transport to be a team-oriented discipline


and therefore we strongly focus on teamwork. We employ people who believe that problems are simply to be solved, who can work as a team and are able to communicate in an open-minded way. We consider good communication and mutual help to be the key to successful collaboration. We expect our employees to be pro-active, communicate in a clear and legible way and act "just in time". We are trustworthy and we always stick to our promises.

to meet our clients' needs,


we have developed several unique solutions to optimise the collaboration and make it fully comfortable. All this makes us a trustworthy and loyal partner in course of everyday cooperation.