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is a Polish company specializing in trucking services.

That’s the definition. What does it mean in practice?




For us, transport is not just a service. It's much more - it is a solution.




This mindset has guided us from the very beginning. We work to solve our clients' problems, get issues that they don't need to deal with off their minds so they can develop their businesses...



How do we operate?







We want to get better and better

We think processively and systemically

We operate on the basis of standards and proven patterns we have developed

We are looking for innovative solutions

We are open to changes 

At the end of 2021, our team consisted of


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of which


are white collars


are qualified and reliable drivers

  What do we do?

  What is trucking? 

Road transport is an extremely broad term and today's business is all about narrow specialization and services that allow entrepreneurs to focus on what matters most - on growing their businesses. 

One such service is trucking.


is a service provided by a contract carrier in which the client is provided with an exclusive tractor and drivers to operate it, either single or double crew. This solution is dedicated primarily to large logistics operators and companies that have to carry out road transports on a regular basis

contract carrier

guarantees the resources, i.e., a tractor with a crew that the client uses to efficiently perform their transport tasks.

Trucking is not classic transport understood, for instance, as accepting orders from an exchange. It is a specialized service and focus on solving the problem. The client wants the goods delivered and we do that for them


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Rules in life, rules in business, a.k.a. HOW DO WE OPERATE?


We don't view business solely from the perspective of an Excel file. Intangible values also matter for us..



We have a vision which we consistently pursue. We want to become the leading contract carrier providing trailer trucking service for international transport in Western European markets.



We are going to this by following the rules we believe in:

We are transparent, credible and reliable

You can rely on us to deliver on our commitments - both to our clients and our employees..

Professionalism means solutions, which is why we approach our clients' problems proactively.

We show respect. To everyone without exceptions. And it's our practice.

We believe in the power of collaboration. That's why we can listen and also explain

We go all the way. Without commitment, there is no success or business growth.

Where are we from?

We are from Nowy Tomyśl, a town of nearly 15,000 people, located in Greater Poland, west of Poznań. The town even has its own junction on the Motorway of Freedom (A2) and a giant wicker basket - the largest in Europe! It was entered in the Guinness Book of Records. It's a cool place. We know this because we take care of it ourselves by engaging in the needs of the local community which they are important to us.


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How is it to work at Cargo Expert Group  ?


It's great and it's not just our opinion. We have a proof of that. First of all, our company is growing all the time and our team is expanding with new, qualified, reliable and committed people. And since they want to work with us, there must be a reason for that. We work for the image of a good employer that attracts more and more candidates.

There are plenty of reasons to be with us and it's not just the feedback from our employees

We know and prove that work can give you something more than just money. Stability, respect and a fair approach also matter.

At CARGO EXPERT GROUP you can focus on your work and private life


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