Do you need tractor units to handle your orders on an exclusive basis with a guarantee of long-term cooperation?



We provide day-to-day services to logistics operators.


Each tractor dedicated to a client is used for its needs on an exclusive basis.

This means that we don’t take on any additional orders, and each tractor works only for a particular client.


We have been focusing on international road transport since the beginning of our operations.

In the recent years, as a result of continuous development and investments, we have become a trucking service provider, which has become our specialization and trademark..


This is how many tractor units our largest client has contracted with us

> 130

This is how many tractor units our fleet has (and still growing)


This is the average age of a tractor in our fleet

> 220

This is how many employees we have so that your orders are always processed on time

Five reasons why working with a contract carrier offers you peace of mind

You have exclusive rights to our tractors

Do you experience a shortage of trucks on the market?

When you use a contract carrier, each tractor is reserved exclusively for you - we don't take on additional orders for them. Tractors and our drivers work exclusively for you.

You have it in writing

Working with a contract carrier is based on a long-term contract. That way you know which driver and which tractor is coming. It’s convenient and safe.

Wherever you want, whenever you want

Since the tractors and the crews are contracted on an exclusive basis, you don’t have to waste time looking for carriers on freight exchanges.

Tractors and drivers are at your disposal.

You decide where and when you want the tractor to go.

No surprises

Do you want to be sure that your transport won’t be picked just by anyone driving just any tractor? You don't have to worry about that with us. The average age of our tractors is 1.5 years. You can be sure that your transport won’t get stuck somewhere on the way

As many tractors as you need

Is the number of your shipments going up? Do you need additional tractors?

We have been growing with our clients for years. Let us know you need more tractors and we will expand our fleet for you.

 Looking for a company to transport semi-trailers, tankers, containers on a regular basis?

See how to start cooperation with Cargo Expert Group in just a few simple steps


You contact us by phone, e-mail or the contact form


We determine how many tractors you need to contract


We sign a contract and book tractors and crews for you


The tractors and the crews are at your disposal!

discover our fleet

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