Our safe and modern fleet 









We could not strive to be a firm partner and supply reliable services and not care about the vehicles!

Our modern fleet is the showcase of our values – it is safe, innovative, and environmentally-friendly – just like us! Thanks to our machines, we can be sure that our services are performed using the best solutions one can find on the market.


While choosing new vehicles which will be used by our employees, we aim at both economic and ecological factors. All our machines are used only for two or three years. We replace them after that time to make sure that they will not become too dangerous to operate. It is also a fantastic opportunity to look for better trucks which will not only enrich our already safe fleet, but also make it more modern by choosing best options when it comes to emission of CO2.


By taking care of the vehicles and using environmentally-friendly options, we can perform our tasks securely and without creating massive harm to the ecosystem. Our trucks allow us to supply the services of contract carriers fast and without failures.