We are a contract haulier providing a trucking service for external load transport of each type.














Thanks to years of experience, we have established our credibility as an expert in the international road transport. What has helped us on our way to the top was preserving our values in our everyday work.


Credibility - for matters of mutual interest

In Cargo Expert Group we often perform regular services, which is why we put so much emphasis on integrity. Taking great care of our clients, we always sign a special agreement. The contract specifies the financial terms, settlement principles, as well as the scope of legal responsibility, and much more. By doing so, both our clients and us can be assured that the duties and responsibilities laying on the both sides of the contract will be fulfilled. We do not declare anything which cannot be provided. We can be counted on, as the Cargo Expert Group team always makes sure that the task will be finished at the appointed time. Moreover, we do not commission anyone else to execute the tasks which have to be done for our clients.

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