We are a contract carrier providing the trucking service for semi-trailers, tankers and containers.

















With many years of experience, we have earned our credibility as experts in international road transport. Following our values in our daily work has helped us on our way to the top.


Credibility - for mutual interests

At Cargo Expert Group, we often perform regular services, which is why we place so much emphasis on credibility. Taking care of our clients, we always sign a special contract. It defines financial terms, billing rules, as well as legal responsibilities and much more. This allows both our clients and us to be sure that the duties and responsibilities incumbent on both parties to the contract will be met. We don’t declare anything that cannot be delivered. You can rely on us because Cargo Expert Group's team always make sure that the task is completed on time. In addition, we don’t outsource the tasks that need to be done for our clients to anyone else.

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