our mission:

To be a firm partner for

a logistics operator.



"We want to become one of the leading contract carriers providing the semi-trailer trucking services in the international transport sector" In our everyday work, we are guided by values which determine the organisation culture of our company.

When it comes to the values we believe in, first and foremost we want to be transparent in our services; that is why we always are clear with logistics operators who want to commission us to perform road transport business. We value credibility and professional attitude and that is why when we accept, offer, and oblige to perform tasks for our clients, we certainly do so.

Cargo Expert Group is a company full of respectful people who value each other's expertise and skills. That is why we focus on teamwork and collaboration, thus making sure that while performing tasks and fulfilling professional duties, we do not forget about the fact that we work with people. We are open to fresh solutions and will welcome your feedback when it comes to our services and tasks we perform daily. Being a firm partner is our main goal. As a road transport business, we want to make sure that we offer the best solutions that will be appreciated by every logistics operator who is interested in working with us. The values adopted in our organisation reflect the way we work with You.


We keep our promises and we don’t declare anything we cannot deliver; therefore, we always “lay all cards on the table”.  Each employee is responsible for their words and actions both before the clients as well as the management and the co-workers.


We provide the client with optimised solutions which are implemented by competent, responsible and experienced employees. We take an efficient and complex approach to solving problems while doing our best to educate and improve ourselves.


We believe that it is the most normal thing in the world to show respect to the co-workers, clients and suppliers.


We work together as individuals and as teams to pursue our shared goals. While working with our clients and partners, we do our best to explore and understand their needs and problems.


We not only carry out our duties in a thorough and timely manner but we also do our best at every moment. We are open to new solutions and we act on our own initiative.