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6 reasons to work at Cargo Expert Group


Development opportunities




You won't stop with us! We are hungry for new skills and competencies. If you are ready, we will help you to improve yourself.


You don’t need to have transport experience.

What matters to us is who you are and how you think, not what experience you have, because you can always gain it - and we'll help you do that. Not only will we provide you with a set of trainings, but we will also give you a lot of practical experience so that you learn everything that is important in this job.


A recognized brand, on the market for years


We are a respected service provider and we work for global companies that set the bar extremely high for their subcontractors. We are also well regarded among the local community. For us, it's a proof that we're growing in the right direction. To put it simply - no one has to be ashamed of working for us. On the contrary!


         Benefit package                   

cafeteria system

subsidized courses and trainings

bonus scheme

incentive meetings

no dress code

coffee / tea



Modern work tools






We're simply cool

We won't beat about the bush. That's what we think and that's what it is. Cargo Expert Group is a close-knit team of people who are easy to like. We're cool, we are transparent, and we believe in building lasting relationships. You don't believe it? Check it out!

Our team consists of people of all ages, with a variety of work experience

Some of them started their careers at Cargo Expert Group. Our company is growing rapidly, providing our employees with opportunities for growth and advancement. One thing remains unchangeable. Our company is made up of people and its success depends on them!

 Iza, started work at Cargo Expert Group in 2014, providing language assistance in contacts with drivers from the East. Today she is a Team Leader but despite the greater responsibility, she still works with the same optimism and energy. Her life motto is: Take on new transport challenges every day. This allows for continuous development of one's character, as well as building great relationships with other people.


» You don't see him on the front lines, but without his “magic Excel sheets”, we wouldn't be able to do much analysis and accounting. He constantly strives for improvement in his daily work. Meticulous and punctilious to the point of pain - he doesn’t go easy on anyone.


Privately a connoisseur of good food, exotic travel, and most recently of his cat - Demon.

» Meet Gosia, Monika, Kamila and Sandra


The girls are meticulous in billing clients for orders completed by our drivers. At work they are known for their professionalism, open communication, resourcefulness... and positive energy, which they instil in everyone.


» Thanks to Marta's work, our fleet is fully insured, lease payments are paid, and any damage is repaired and accounted for (which often takes much effort).

She is a professional in her daily work - she doesn’t go easy on anyone and she never lets go.

A woman of many faces always wearing heels* at work and most importantly, always with a smile on her face.

*She wants to point out that climbing the stairs of our office in those stilettos sometimes requires setting up camps on different floors.

» Veronica is known for being incredibly entrepreneurial and resourceful, and for not being able to sit still in one place. Energy is her middle name

Thanks to her work at Cargo Expert Group, she is able to use her fluent Russian every day.

» Although she has lived in Poland since 2016, she feels as if she has always lived here - she has grown to love Polish culture and tradition. She joined Cargo Expert Group when she was looking for a company that would give her the opportunity to pursue her passions and, at the same time, explore the world and meet extraordinary people. Well, she couldn't have come to a better place. In the company she is known for her confidence and the fact that literally nothing is impossible for her.

What do our employees say about us ?

What do I like about working at Cargo Expert Group? The fact that I feel comfortable at work. No one has ever refused to support me; on the contrary, everyone is here to lend a helping hand. Since the beginning of my work at Cargo Expert Group, I have been taking language courses to develop myself and have participated in numerous training sessions. I appreciate that leaders appreciate our efforts and support us in our activities.  

I like my job for... dynamism. I think people who work in the transport industry know what this is all about. There's always something going on here - and I mean a lot of interesting projects. I know that I have a real impact on the company development - new challenges provide me with professional as well as personal growth. 

I gained my first experience in transport at Cargo Expert Group


And what do you think of us?

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