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We are experts in road transport, who support logistics operators with a very good understanding of their needs. We know very well the business of international road freight transport..

Our service is the trucking of trailers, tanks and containers based on the long-term contracting of a tractor with a crew understood as a single or double driver. 


























We operate on the contract market by providing cross-trade and cabotage services in any country of Western Europe, settling on the basis of the rate for completed km or a lump sum for availability. We provide support to logistic operators in the execution of road transport by handing over tractors for permanent service. The tractor entrusted to the client is used by him on an exclusive basis. This means that we do not take transport orders directly and the tractor works only for the exclusivity and needs of the client. By handing over dedicated truck-tractors for permanent service, we ensure that the logistics process runs smoothly and continuously. This means that our vehicles are ready for operation all days of the year, without any downtime related to returning the vehicle or changing drivers. We exchange drivers at assembly points, along the way or at a client depot, which guarantees the continuity of completion of orders.


Thanks to our services, clients can be sure that their goods will be delivered safely and correctly, thus allowing them to concentrate on developing their business. Our vehicles are adapted to carry dangerous goods (ADR). The whole process of order execution is coordinated by a team of dispatchers who are in constant contact with our clients and drivers. We make sure that our services are provided continuously and reliably, therefore our vehicle fleet is modernized every 2-3 years on the average. A modern fleet of vehicles and qualified drivers guarantee the reliability of our services.

What distinguishes us


Constantly striving to acquire new skills and improve our competences. We are happy with new issues, carrying out difficult orders because it gives us the opportunity to develop and propose new solutions beyond the usual patterns and standards We implement KAIZEN continuous improvement methods in operational processes. In our daily management and running of business, we act systemically and process-oriented with a very strong focus on efficiency. In today's increasingly complex transport and logistics market, a single solution cannot meet the needs of all companies, so we provide tailor-made solutions adjusted to the needs of each client. Thanks to our experience in international transport and our competent team, we provide expert knowledge in the field of goods transport.

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