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8 reasons to work at Cargo Expert Group

Work at Cargo Expert Group: salary always on time

Many people work in road transport because they enjoy it or because they can't imagine any other lifestyle. However, let's be honest - passion won't pay the bills. But the salary from Cargo Expert Group will. We know well that people work to support themselves and their families. That's why we pay salary on time. Always. You are in for a nice surprise. There will be no asking for money or salary paid in instalments.

Work at Cargo Expert Group: you don't need a lot of experience and millions of driven kilometres

What matters to us is who you are and how you think, not what experience you have, because you can always gain it - and we'll help you do that. We don't treat drivers like machines for operating tractors and we seriously believe they are a very important element of the bigger picture. That's why it is important for us that they are the best. If you care about it too - join us. Not only will we provide you with a set of trainings, but we will also give you a lot of practical experience so that you learn everything that is important in this job.

Work at Cargo Expert Group: overtime is not an obligation

We understand that different people have different priorities. For one person, family life is most important, and for another, it is something else. Therefore, it is simple with us. Do you want to drive more? OK. You don't you want to drive more? Fine with us as well. You don't have to be on the road longer than necessary and you won’t feel any financial consequences.

Work at Cargo Expert Group: peace of mind on the road

Constant phone calls asking “What time will you be there?”, “Where are you?!”, “How far are you from your destination?”. Not here! At Cargo Expert Group, we work in a modern way and we use technology for mutual peace of mind and comfort. To facilitate the flow of information and spare employees from annoying calls from dispatchers, most of the communication between the driver and the office is done through the telematics system. All you have to do is update the statuses in the apps and the dispatchers don't call with unnecessary questions because they have all the information in real time.

Work at Cargo Expert Group: you drive only new tractor units

Did you know that the average age of the tractors in our fleet is only 1.5 years? This minimizes the risk of breakdowns on the road, as well as the risk that our client will not receive the goods on time, and the driver will be stranded somewhere on the road waiting for assistance. But it’s not everything. Modern tractors are more comfortable, spacious and better equipped, so you have everything you need on board to work comfortably and relax efficiently. Finally, and most importantly, new tractors means safety and that's priceless.

Work at Cargo Expert Group: we’re simply cool

We won't beat about the bush. That's what we think and that's what it is. Cargo Expert Group is a close-knit team of people who are easy to like. We're cool, we are transparent, and we believe in building lasting relationships. You don't believe it? Check it out!

Working at Cargo Expert Group: a recognized brand, on the market for years

We are a respected service provider and we work for global companies that set the bar extremely high for their subcontractors. We are also well regarded among the local community. For us, it's a proof that we're developing in the right direction. To put it simply - no one has to be ashamed of working for us. On the contrary!

Work at Cargo Expert Group: the same colleagues for years

Finally, probably the strongest argument to prove that it is worth working for us. We have very little staff turnover and not just by the ‘standards’ of our industry. Many of our employees have been with us for many years and we know well that they are not going anywhere. And if people come to us and stay, it is because they are happy. Happy with work and with their lives.

It's worth being part of the Cargo Expert Group team. We know it and our employees know it, plus - we have a proof of that!

When you're looking for a new job, you collect references to validate your qualifications and increase your chances in the recruitment process. What if the situation were reversed? Cargo Expert Group gets references from its employees, so a candidate to work for us can be sure that they are taking a good step in their career.

What do our employees say about working at Cargo Expert Group

My positive experience with Cargo Expert Group started at the recruitment and hiring stage. I was efficiently guided through the process by Weronika, who does a great job. Once I started working, I appreciated the good cooperation with the whole team, especially with the dispatchers, because I have the most contact with them. I also know that I don't have to worry about whether I will get paid on time. At Cargo Expert Group this is a certainty, and probably all drivers know how it is with payments on the market. It's also important to me that after the route I don't have to sit in an office to file reports and fill out paperwork. I arrive at the base and head for home. It's true that Cargo Expert Group requires work at a high level, but the company also provides training. All in all, I've been working here for five years now and I'm not going to change that. –

– - I live close to the company. For me it's an advantage because I can see my family right after I finish the route. And if I'm scheduled to go home, it's a priority and I always finish work at the agreed time. I also always get paid at the agreed time. The nature of the driver's job means that I rarely see many of my colleagues. Even so, I know we work as a team because, for example, dispatchers try to help drivers in various situations, not always related to transport or work. In turn, we exchange valuable information with other drivers that is useful in our work. At Cargo Expert Group I also have the opportunity to improve my professional qualifications and the company appreciates this. –

And what do you think of us?

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If you need more information about working as a driver category C+E in international transport, we encourage you to contact us directly on +48 693 616 660