Trucking - facts and myths about contract carrier services.

Trucking, i.e. contracting a tractor unit together with drivers and full service to carry out one's transport tasks, is still something new, especially in the Polish reality. As with any novelty, it takes time for the market to learn it. To speed up the process, it's worth dispelling a few myths sometimes repeated about trucking.


Let's start with a brief reminder of what trucking is and what is a contract carrier - the entity that performs this service. As part of this service, the client is provided with an exclusive tractor and drivers to operate it, either single or double crew. This solution is dedicated primarily to large logistics operators and companies that regularly have to carry out road transports. A contract carrier guarantees the resources, i.e., a tractor with a crew, which the client uses to efficiently perform their transport tasks.


Trucking is more expensive than having your own fleet and hiring drivers - MYTH


To begin with, it should be clear that in business, the cost is not just money. Costs also include wasting time, focusing resources on tasks that are not the core of the company's revenue, and therefore focusing less on customers and their needs. However, as a rule, yes - it is possible to organize transport yourself and do it cheaper, at least in terms of money. However, it requires the dedication of a myriad of other resources, including time, knowledge, experience and stress, as well as the creation of a structure, i.e. a separate department to manage the fleet, drivers and orders. - The example of our clients shows that they prefer to focus on their business and leave the driving of their goods to us. And this means that it pays off for them - says Jarosław Potrzebowski, Managing Director of Cargo Expert Group, one of the Polish companies operating as a contract carrier.


Using trucking, the client has no influence on the quality of the service, i.e. on who, how and with what its goods will be transported - MYTH.


The solution is simple - you need to choose a good, reputable contract carrier. A company with experience, which emphasizes the quality of all elements of its activity, such as young fleet, modern management or qualified staff. The right entity guarantees quality at the expected level.


Trucking is not just a service, it's a solution to many problems - FACT.


Availability, purchase, financing, maintenance and finally resale of vehicles. And more - HR management, legal issues - keeping up with regulatory changes, training and much more - all of this is taken off the client's mind by the contract carrier. A customer who chooses trucking orders a service whose added value is peace of mind and freeing up their own resources, including time.


When using trucking, you have no control over what and where the contracted crew and vehicle are and what they do - MYTH.


A reliable trucking service provider does not play around with jobs on the side. - We have a simple rule. We contract the tractor and the crew on an exclusive basis. They are at the disposal of our client and during that time we don’t seek orders from the freight exchange to supplement their work - says Potrzebowski.


Trucking is not a service for everyone - FACT.


Trucking is a good solution for logistics operators or other companies that run regular transports, so they can efficiently use resources in the form of contracted tractor units, their crews and servicing. It is therefore not a recommended offer for clients who transport irregularly and whose workload fluctuates strongly


A subcontractor will never understand the nature of work of a particular company, so it is better to have your own employees and fleet - MYTH.


A team of experienced and responsible employees - drivers, dispatchers and managers will quickly find themselves in new conditions and circumstances and will quickly learn the specificity of working for a given client. - We have a strong focus on developing our staff and management methods. As a result, we have a close-knit group of people that both we and our clients can always rely on. To put it simply - we know that they ‘deliver’. Literally and figuratively - summarizes Jarek Potrzebowski of Cargo Expert Group.