Transport without own fleet, i.e. what is trucking?

Is it possible to perform road transport quickly, efficiently and conveniently without having your own trucks, drivers, HR and fleet managers? Naturally. The solution is a trucking service offered also by Polish companies, including Cargo Expert Group from Nowy Tomyśl. And what is trucking anyway? Let us explain.


What is trucking??


Trucking is a service provided by a contract carrier in which the client is provided with an exclusive tractor and drivers to operate it, either single or double crew. This solution is dedicated primarily to large logistics operators and companies that regularly have to carry out road transports. A contract carrier guarantees the resources, i.e., a tractor with a crew, that the client uses to efficiently perform their transport tasks. - We provide trucking services mainly on the basis of long-term contracts, under which our tractor units pull the client's semi-trailers, tankers and containers. We provide the contracted tractors and drivers at the agreed time and place, and our dispatchers take care of the entire operation and make sure that the goods get to where they need to be according to schedule - explains Arkadiusz Kierzek, the owner of Cargo Expert Group, a transport company specializing in trucking services. - We sign exclusive contracts, which means that a given tractor and drivers are available to the client seven days a week and 12 months in a year, and during the contract they do not perform transport tasks for other entities - adds Kierzek. - By fulfilling orders from logistics operators, we become an important and strong link in the entire logistics chain - he concludes.


What are the benefits of trucking?


Trucking is primarily a response to trends in services, namely narrow specialization and a focus on solving problems through modern solutions. Using trucking allows Cargo Expert Group's clients to focus on what is profitable, the core of their business, i.e. organizing the entire freight and logistics chain, rather than on hiring drivers or maintaining the fleet. What are the benefits of trucking with Cargo Expert Group?


  • ·The client does not have to deal with recruitment, training and adapting drivers - a task that is becoming increasingly difficult. Cargo Expert Group provides skilled and professional employees.

·         The client is relieved of the issue of reacting to changes in laws and regulations related to, for instance, traffic restrictions, fees, working time and rules or salaries (e.g. brought about by the so-called Mobility Package)

·         The client does not have to freeze capital to provide a fleet of modern and reliable vehicles which they have at their disposal at all times.

·         The client has no problem with the availability of resources in the market - tractors and drivers.

·         The client does not have to maintain the fleet and deal with the coordination of its movements or servicing.

The client has drivers who know its needs and understand the nature of its business because they drive exclusively for it


 – Trucking is not classic transport understood, for instance, as accepting orders from an exchange. It's a specialized service and focusing on solving the problem. The client wants the goods delivered and we do that – says Arkadiusz Kierzek.



Trucking step by step


– We base the cooperation with our clients on the principles we abide by and, above all, on thorough understanding of the needs and problems faced by the entities we serve - explains Arkadiusz Kierzek, the founder of Cargo Expert Group. Are you looking for a company to transport semi-trailers, tankers, containers on a regular basis? With just a few steps, you can entrust these tasks to trucking experts:


  • You contact us by phone, e-mail or through the contact form on the Cargo Expert Group  website.
  •       We determine how many tractor units you need to contract.
  •         We sign a contract and book the tractors and crews for you.
  •       The tractors and crews are at your service and they work for your business.


–  We currently have over 130 tractor units in our fleet, with an average age of about 1.5 years. The largest of our clients has 25 vehicles contracted. I think this is the best confirmation that this is a service that works on the market, and its importance will systematically grow - concludes Kierzek. ert.