Who is trucking for? Industries where this service will work.

A team of experienced and responsible employees - drivers, dispatchers and managers will quickly find themselves in new conditions and circumstances and will quickly learn the specificity of working for a given client. - We have a strong focus on developing our staff and management methods. As a result, we have a close-knit group of people that both we and our clients can always rely on. To put it simply - we know that they ‘deliver’. Literally and figuratively - summarizes Jarek Potrzebowski of Cargo Expert Group.


Road transport is not an easy business. It requires hiring and training drivers and dispatchers, funding and operating a fleet, accounting working time and responding to numerous regulatory changes, also abroad. For many companies, transport is not the core business - the thing that brings in the profits. It is a cost and it requires resources, including incalculable ones. Trucking is a solution that takes the worry of providing transport off the entrepreneur's mind, allowing them to focus on what matters most in their business. - Trucking is a service dedicated primarily to large logistics operators and companies that regularly perform road transport, which ensures optimal use of the resources of a contract carrier, i.e. vehicles with full service - explains Arkadiusz Kierzek, CEO of Cargo Expert Group, a Polish transport company specializing in trucking. In which sectors and applications is it worth entrusting transport tasks to a contract carrier?



 Food transport: distribution centres and procurement logistics for large consignees.


Retail chains are among the entities that are heavily dependent on efficient and effective transport. After all, everyone wants to find fresh parsley, fish or their favourite coffee at the store. For this to be possible the goods must reach the stores. You don't have to hire an entire team of drivers and buy hundreds of trucks to make this happen. - A contract carrier can provide exclusive tractors and drivers to a distribution company or a retail chain. They will drive semi-trailers with goods all over the country or Europe - Kierzek explains.


Fuel distribution


Delivery of petrol, diesel or LPG can only be carried out by appropriately trained drivers with the necessary qualifications, which complicates the organization of such transport. - Trucking is the solution also in these tasks. We have drivers with the right qualifications, and fuel distribution means frequent and regular transports, so the contract carrier works independently, completes the tasks, saving the client the arduous work involved in running the transport on its own - explains the CEO of Cargo Expert Group.


Handling e-commerce and shipping.


E-commerce giants are often companies that have multiple distribution centres and warehouses, and their business is inextricably linked to complex logistics and high shipping volumes. In a highly competitive industry. It's all about optimizing every operation, at every stage. Hence, many companies do not have their own fleet and they do not employ drivers. They focus on the core of their business and its efficiency, and leave transport to entities that specialize in that, to contract carriers.


Logistics services for the automotive sector.


Car manufacturing also depends on a complex chain of logistics processes. The supply of raw materials, parts, as well as the collection and distribution of finished products - this is all handled by logistics operators working for automotive companies. - Such an operator may base all or part of its operations on tractors and drivers provided by a contract carrier. Trucking allows for focus on the organization of the entire delivery system, rather than on how to account for someone's working time or where to order tires for dozens of trucks, notes Arkadiusz Kierzek.


Linehaul services for logistics operators and courier companies.


There's virtually non-stop driving in this industry, and the demand for courier services has been further increased by the pandemic online shopping boom. Containers of parcels travel regularly between sorting plants and depots of courier companies. This often means delivering transport to a location and taking another trailer on the road to another location. To put it simply, the perfect job for a contract carrier's fleet and drivers.


When availability counts


Trucking can also be a solution for irregular carriers, as they operate in industries where demand is difficult to predict, but at the same time orders need to be responded to promptly, as the goods to be delivered must be fresh, for instance. With this type of business, a contract carrier can provide a certain number of tractor units and drivers for the exclusive use of the client, and therefore ready to take on a transport assignment at any time. Again, using trucking is simpler and less engaging than hiring one’s own drivers and buying tractors. - We are moving toward a model where we will give clients more flexibility, such as providing 10 tractors as part of a fixed, long-term service with the ability to quickly increase that number for a few weeks or months. This is an optimal solution for those, whose operations are associated with seasonal fluctuations in workload - concludes Kierzek..