Cargo Expert Group, WHY US?

Are you considering cooperating with us? Let us explain why we are the best trucking company you can work with and what are the things that distinguish us from other contract carriers.


Because of our values, we strive to be the most reliable partner for forwarders and logistics operators. We listen to the needs of the market and suggest solutions that are profitable for our clients, us, the whole market, and the environment. Even though we work in an industry that is responsible for a lot of pollution, we do our best to decrease the impact our services have on the environment. Our fleet is made from vehicles which are of the highest standards when it comes to the emission of CO2. Purchasing such a fleet is our contribution to making the world a cleaner place. Trucking companies like ours make sure that our partners are always happy with the services we provide. Thanks to our individual and flexible approach, we are the best partner who meets your needs and develops the best plan of our cooperation!



Are you looking for a trustworthy partner who could provide you with a reliable and permanent support in carrying out contracts for the road transport of goods? If you are - you can count on us. As a company with an transport market experience, specialised in providing trailer trucking services, we will perfectly satisfy your needs.

care for natural environment


We have always taken care to minimize negative influence on the environment. We have regularly invested in a fleet meeting the highest standards of CO2 emission and technological solutions ensuring us economic and ecological driving.

individual approach


We do our best to develop dedicated instructions for every client and individual service algorithms included in our process map.