We have been focusing on the international road transport since the beginning of our business.


Following the constant development and investments, over the last several years we have
become a provider of trucking services which have become our specialty and brand mark.

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What does a contract carrier do? It is a company hired to supply services to a loader which is most often a logistics operator or a forwarder. The service is provided on the basis on a special agreement (a contract). The agreement specifies the financial terms and the settlement principles, the scope of the legal responsibility, the type of services as well as the equipment used to supply the service. Thanks to that, both us and the forwarders can be sure of the duties and responsibilities.


Working for a logistics operator

Forwarders are usually the clients of the trucking companies. We supply our services ourselves – that means that we do not commission anyone else to execute the tasks we were obliged to do by our client, a logistics operator. We ensure that the task will be finished in a specific time, while our client’s responsibility is to take care of the planning of the product’s flow.

Trailer trucking service companies

What is the scope of our activities then? When it comes to the road transport business, our tasks are mainly carrying loads by means of a semi-trailer lorry and a team belonging to a carrier and with the use of a load transport unit (a trailer, a tanker or a container) of a trucking service customer. Our services are not a one-time assistance as we usually perform regular services, provided against on constant transport orders. This is a dedicated form of transport which involves contracting a semi-trailer lorry with a team, usually for an indefinite period of time.

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